What is a “Recovery Residence”?

A Recovery Residence (RR) is a broad term describing a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use and associated problems. Many thousands exist in the Unites States that vary in size, organization, and targeted population. At a minimum, RRs offer peer-to-peer recovery support with some providing professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting abstinence-based long-term recovery.

Recovery residences are sober living environments, meaning that residents are expected to abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use and the misuse of prescribed medications and over the counter medications or other mind-altering substances of any sort.

What is the primary Purpose of Recovery Residence?

The purpose of a recovery residence is to provide a safe and healthy living environment to initiate and sustain recovery; defined as abstinence from alcohol and other mind-altering substances and improvement in one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Individuals build resources while living in a recovery residence that will continue to support their recovery as they transition to living independently and productively in the community.

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