It is critical to the success of any recovery house that each member remains abstinent from drugs, alcohol and un-prescribed medication at all times. Any use of alcohol or drugs jeopardizes the recovery of everyone in the house. Therefore, each resident is expected to remain 100% clean and sober during their stay here. Any relapse may result in automatic eviction

Recovery Corner is a recovery community, not just a place to abstain from drugs. Since active participation in a 12-step program has proven so valuable to those recovering from addiction, each house member must attend at least 3 meetings per week in the 12-step program of his choice. An attendance sheet must be signed by the chairperson of each meeting attended and brought to each weekly house meeting so that the house manager and other house members can see it.

Drug tests will be conducted frequently and randomly. In order to live in this house you must be able to take urine drug tests in the presence of the house manager. When a drug test is requested, the resident must remain under observation and cannot leave the house until the test is complete. Failure to comply with drug testing will be considered relapse and will result in eviction.

Any suspicion that another house member is under the influence or has relapsed must be brought to the house manager’s attention. A resident who fails to report another resident’s drug use will receive disciplinary actions.

All prescription medications must be reported to the house manager as soon as they are prescribed, and all medications must be taken exactly as prescribed. Taking more or less than prescribed can be considered a relapse. All medications should be kept in the Housing Director’s office and out of sight in your individual lockbox. Diabetics should never handle syringes in front of other residents. If your doctor changes your medication, or prescribes new medication, the house manager must be informed. Anyone who receives mood altering or addictive medication and does not inform the house manager immediately may be evicted.

No alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia are allowed on the property at any time, and no active alcoholics or addicts are allowed on the property at any time, whether they are under the influence at the time or not. Failure to abide by any of these rules is grounds for eviction.

In addition, each member is expected to behave as a responsible adult. This means working for a living, paying rent on time, following all house rules, getting along well with others and generally taking care of your responsibilities.

Recovery Corner is an alcohol and drug free service. You and your visitors must not bring alcohol or non-prescribed and illicit drugs onto the premises. All use of prescribed drugs must be notified to staff on admission. You must not use alcohol or illegal drugs or abuse other drugs including prescribed drugs while at Recovery Corner. Residents are required to agree to random and planned drug testing procedures. A positive drugs test may lead to eviction from the residence.

Also, we must adhere to the federal and state smoking legislation and, therefore, residents and their visitors are not allowed to smoke in any area with the exception of the designated outdoor smoking areas.